REACHING FOR THE STARS child care - Laugh Often, Dream Big, Reach for the Stars

Benefits of our program

  • We use the 2 Generation Approach where we support and encourage the parents in their role while teaching and supporting the children in theirs. A child's success is strongly tied to his family's stability and well-being.

  • Each child is valued as a unique individual; your child is free to learn at their own pace, advancing through the curriculum as they are ready.

  • Beginning at an early age, your child develops order, coordination, concentration, and independence.
  • We teach children to address each other respectfully without raised voices, rude or hurtful behavior and be active listeners

  • We have a peaceful environment yet there is a busy hum of activity.

  • All meals and snacks are provided -balanced meals including whole fresh foods.

  • Learning environment is year round both indoors and outdoors.
  • Flexible learning environment where your child will learn at their own pace and to their own interests. Your child is an active participant in deciding what his focus of learning will be.

  • Daily teamwork activities. 
  • Negotiation and personal safety skills taught in a safe environment.

  • By supporting Christian values your children are treated with respect, compassion and love as if they were our own, listening to them and teaching them the tools for their daily lives.
  • We believe that children learn through play and offer a balance of activities to meet your child's individual needs.

  • We strive to offer 60+ minutes of physical activity each day.

  • Through partnerships with parents, we provide resources to better prepare your children for success in life.
  • Our focus is on serving balanced meals including healthy whole foods, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and whole grains. 

  • We  feel that children are capable of much more than society expects of them and we challenge the children to achieve new goals that pertain to them; by allowing self-correction and self-assessment as they become older, students learn to look critically at their work, and become adept at recognizing, correcting, and learning from their errors.