REACHING FOR THE STARS child care - Laugh Often, Dream Big, Reach for the Stars


"We absolutely love Reaching for the Stars! We have been going there for 4 ½ years, but we knew as soon as we first met with them that we had hit the jackpot. We have been nothing but impressed since the day our oldest child started there as an infant. Angela and Dan are so wonderful with the kids and you can tell they genuinely enjoy caring for them. They treat them as their own and I always know they have the kids’ best interests at heart.
I love that the kids don’t sit around all day watching movies. They do crafts and projects, have learning stations, and play outside. They also go to parks, the zoo, the library, and on many other wonderful field trips.
We love their commitment to eating organic/whole foods. Many of the meals they make contain ingredients they grow in their garden. They instill healthy eating habits and make the children invested in what they are eating by having them help harvest the fruits and vegetables.
The curriculum they provide is better than any preschool program I could imagine. I am constantly amazed at how much the children are learning and the activities they do.
We feel very blessed to have found this program when we did and can’t imagine a better place or better people to help raise our children!"                                                                                                                                                               Tom and Jackie

"Our kids have been going to Reaching for the Stars for over 4 years and we LOVE it!  The care that the children receive is top notch, and we are continually shocked by everything that they learn.  We love the preschool curriculum, the field trips, and the awesome food that they serve.  Our kids have really enjoyed helping with the garden that is planted each year, and it has helped them to try and like so many veggies.  All of the families and children are so exceptional that we never worry for a second about anything whenever the kids are at school.  We have found the daily communication is super helpful and we really feel like we are working together with Dan and Angela (and their amazing twin daughters who help every day) to raise our children!  We are so thankful every day that we found this amazing place, and couldn't imagine our kids going anywhere else!"
Mark & Megan  

"I strongly endorse this childcare organization. I'm a neighbor with a direct view of their operation, and I always marvel at how friendly, enthusiastic, and cheerful Angela and her team are with the children. The kids are obviously happy and enjoying the experience. As well, I know that Dan and Angela and their twin daughters, Nicole and Krista, are devout Christians who strive to honor God in the oversight of the children in their care."
Hale Meserow

"Reaching for the Stars Child Care is the most amazing daycare!  We have had our little boy in a daycare center as well as another home daycare and this place hands down is the best childcare we have ever experienced.  Angela and Dan don’t just “watch” the children; they motivate, teach, and inspire them!  Since our child started Reaching for the Stars Child Care, we have seen a very positive change in him.  His speech, manners, and confidence have soared.  They bring the kids on field trips and have extra learning programs available, which is an added bonus that is not easy to find in a daycare.  They really care about all of the kids as well as their families; they go out of their way to give the kids attention and encouragement to help them thrive.  Our child’s favorite part of the daycare is not only the friends he has made but all of the outside play time as well.  Angela and Dan let the kids play outside anytime the weather is appropriate and have all sorts of fun activities.  The kids also love Angela’s delicious healthy meals!  Our child has become a great eater since going to Reaching for the Stars Child Care. We feel so lucky to have found this daycare and consider it more than just a place to send our little boy when we are at work, but another family.  We would refer this daycare to anyone and everyone!"
   Chelsea and Chris

“The attention to detail and overall out pouring of love at Reaching for the Stars Child Care is fantastic. Having been a customer for only a couple months, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of both Angela and Dan Hanson.  My daughter enjoys the educational background and positive reinforcement that comes along with it.  She loves coming home and telling us what she had learned that day.  We could not be happier with the choice we made as parents, as finding the right daycare isn’t always easy, however, Reaching for the Stars Child Care sure made it seem easy… Thank you Angela and Dan!”
The Hunt Family

"As a parent there are many things we look for as we explore the best possible care options for our children. It is a complicated decision and in the end knowing if you made the best choice can be difficult to assess. For our family, it has actually been easy. The gut feeling we have after dropping our kids off in the morning coupled with the conversations and laughs we enjoy with them in the evening as we discuss their day, gives us the peace of mind we were searching for. We could not be happier with our experience  partnering with Angela and Dan."

Nick & Kara
"I would highly recommend Reaching for the Stars Child Care. We have 2 kids that attend Angela's program and they both LOVE being there. They learn sooo much from the environment there. Its all about learning and development in a fun and supportive atmosphere. We feel truly blessed to have found the perfect place for our children. Angela, and all the kids at Reaching for the Stars feel like an extension of our family.
This is a GREAT child care provider."
 Jerry & Melanie


"Angela is an outstanding provider. She worked to achieve her CDA (Child Development Associate degree) and piloted some of the current programs in the early childhood field - Quality Rating System/Parent Aware,using the FCCERS (Family Child Care Environmental Rating Scale). She focuses on school-age care and offers high-quality indoor equipment and a wonderful outdoor space for
maximum learning in the areas of physical fitness, social/emotional skills and imagination. She is a gem!"


"Our son has attended Angela's daycare for about a 1 1/2 years. We have not only found a wonderful child care provider but it also feels like our son is treated like a part of her own family. Angela provides an warm and loving atmosphere of not only fun but also of responsibility and growth. The children under her care are learning to become good people."

David & Annette


"I would highly recommend Reaching for the Stars child care. Our two children participated in the summer program and had SO much fun - they couldn't wait to get there each morning to participate in that day's adventures! The environment is loving and caring, with an emphasis on growing, learning and good citizenship."
 Cory & Kristen

"Although our children, ages 8 and 3 ½, have only been in Angela’s care since August of 2011, I feel like we have already made that connection that so many families look forward to building within years. She has a passion like no other in caring for kids. She see’s their potential & gives them the push they need to grow & develop into strong, independent & well-mannered individuals. At the end of each day, I can’t wait to hear my sons tell stories about the experiences they have had and just knowing they are safe, happy & having fun, I am so very grateful to have found Reaching for the Stars Childcare."